Running – The Beginner’s Guide

Indeed, it is true that ‘running’ is that powerful activity that requires little preparation and no-fancy gears, which doesn’t mean you can embrace the activity without understanding the basic essentialities. Just because it is a readily accomplishable activity doesn’t mean it does not involves problem at all because it really does when you do not follow the ground rules. Hence, to save you from facing one, we are here listing the important protocols to be followed if running is your desired activity and you being a beginner.

Before you start running

  • Understand your physical condition

It is indeed good to evaluate your current physical condition to understand your eligibility in embarking this new journey of yours. Although running is cited as the ‘activity for everyone’, certain conditions like asthma, heart conditions, weak joints, and pregnancy in women are not considered the favorable situation to sport this activity, in which cases gaining your doctor’s opinion and following the same could only be the best for you.

  • Invest in the right shoes

This is only the so-called gear required for this activity, which you shouldn’t overlook to avoid difficulties while running and perhaps, later too as annoying physical pains. Hence, take time to decide the right shoe for you and invest in the one for the benefit of you and your activity.

Once you start running

  • Do not overdo

Start with simple goals aka short distances each day to allow your body to get accustomed to the activity. You can also start with simple jogging and then gradually move over to the actual act of running to build your stamina gradually. Overdoing will only make your situation worse and therefore, do not venture to participate in a marathon on your day one of the running journeys!


  • Rest and tone

It is OK to take rest a day in between to allow your body the necessary time to prepare itself for this new activity of yours. When you are new to running, the weariness is all expected and therefore, during such times, take leave from running and instead, concentrate on toning or strengthening your body to tackle the pressure of running, effectively. Also, by this way, your body will develop more stamina that would help you stay from injuries and pains arising due to running.


  • Listen to your pains

It isn’t heroic to ignore your physical pains and injuries, however, small it might be because every fatal complication started as such insignificant pains and therefore, address them as quickly as possible to avoid escalating them to certain riskier complications. While most of these running-related joint and muscle pains can be effectively overcome by using a powerful pain-relief cream like the Hondrocream, certain pains and injuries might require the intervention of your medical practitioner, which you should oblige for your safety and benefit!