Go Natural For A Healthy Longevity

Natural is used to describe anything that occurs or is derived from Mother Nature. Thus, natural products are created from living things and do not have any kind of human intervention. For example, natural products include the fruits and vegetables we eat, medicines such as quinine and other useful drugs.

With advanced technology, natural products can now be synthesized partially or wholly from by the application of the principles in organic chemistry. You can find some very interesting naturally synthesized products for beauty, health, slimming, detoxification and intimacy at this website.

Natural products have their origin from different sources such as:

  1. Plant sources – few examples include anti-inflammatory agents, anti-diabetic agents, anti-viral agents
  2. Animal sources – few examples include certain drugs such as epibatidine, teprotide, captopril
  3. Microbial sources – few examples include the discovery of penicillin, tetracycline, imipenem
  4. Marine sources – few examples include ziconotide, diterpenes, crenulation

Natural products are screened and synthesized from their origins by means of different techniques such as:

  1. Cell-based assays
  2. Biochemical assays
  3. Bioactivity assays and
  4. Other new screening methods

Uses of Natural Products

Natural products have touched all fields and its uses are numerous. Natural products bioprospecting have increased many folds. The various uses and applications of natural products are listed below.

  1. For producing medicines such as quinine, cocaine, morphine and more
  2. For producing traditional medicines and modern age medicines as well
  3. Useful in therapeutic products for treating diseases
  4. Produces safe drugs
  5. Useful in beauty treatments
  6. Efficient for diet control
  7. Very good detoxifiers

Advantages of using Natural Products

Using natural products are always a plus. There is no known disadvantage that has come up all these years. Listing out a few advantages of natural products below:

  1. Produces no side effects
  2. Environmental friendly
  3. Have found to increase the lifespan of human beings
  4. Efficient in preventing diseases
  5. They are available in large numbers throughout the globe
  6. Natural products are chemically diverse
  7. They are bioactive which means that natural products originate directly from living organisms, hence play a vital role in the biological environment.
  8. Has been used ever since the creation of man and continues to be in use still
  9. Applications are plenty and can be used almost in any field of science.
  10. Largely popular and widely accepted by the general public over synthetic products even now