All things bright and beautiful, all things wise and wonderful!

We have created so many social networks that now we are distanced from ourselves!

When is the last time that you remember sleeping worry-free in your lawn with your face towards the sun and reading a book occasionally, putting it down to ponder on how life is so beautiful and also the magpie that is calling out from the branches in the tree, you also admire its long tail, its bird call, probably calling its mate to come and have a look at you relaxing and giving the world a damn!

Did that sound utopian?

Unfortunately, a lot of people today cannot afford to enjoy nature. They have lost touch completely. Their lives are now mechanic and all thanks to their own doing. Materialistic pursuit is doing mankind in and that my friend, is absolutely no good news.

The need to connect to nature has never been this strong ever!

Beauty is, mark my word, “always” equivalent to healthy. You may have never seen a beautiful creation that is not healthy. The vice versa is equally true. Health is one of the major reasons why a thing of beauty tugs at our heartstrings.

Why must we return to nature?

Science may have created in the laboratory thousands of chemicals and synthetic serums that promise elixir of youth and beauty to anyone daring to consume them and they are effective as quick fixes undoubtedly. But what is the catch here? It has been also recorded that prolonged use of such artificially created products and other synthetic lab made formulae may help you glow initially but they can cause havoc to your bodies if taken for the too long period and also unsupervised.

Don’t take life for granted:

You may think that life is for a living but all you are doing all day is gorging on unhealthy quick snack bites and running after deadlines. How can you improve your life if your health is suffering at the altar of your ambition?

You must et natural whole food:

You are what you eat. Eating source produced nutrient-rich food is the secret of your health and the glow that will result when you see your rosy pink cheeks in the mirror and smile satisfactorily to yourself.

I learned a lot of things when I logged in to Zona Bellezza webpage. The website is a great place to understand how nature is the only answer to get back to the pink of health. Don’t believe me, log on now and check out the wise words of wisdom I found there and was hugely impressed!