The electroencephalogram or EEG evaluates the electrical activity produced by the brain. Brain waves are recorded by an EEG and show the electrical activity of the brain. . The brain is an electrochemical organ that has 10 billion interconnected nerve cells which generate electrical activity. There are four categories of brainwaves. The categories range from the most active to the least active and are: beta, alpha, theta and delta

Each brain wave category refers to a different state of brain functioning. The EEG records the brain’s electrical pulsations and these pulsations are shown on a monitor or printed out in peaks and troughs. The height of the peak indicates amplitude while the distance between peaks indicates frequency.

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Beta is the most active brain wave pattern and indicates that the brain is actively engaged and alert. You emit beta waves when you are angry or afraid or performing activities that require concentration.

Alpha waves have a slower frequency and correspond to a relaxed state. Meditation produces alpha waves. Any time your mind drifts you are probably in the alpha state which also is an important part of dreaming.

Theta waves have a lower frequency than alpha and produce a deeper level of relaxation often associated with deeper states of meditation. This state can be filled with mental imagery because the mind is not engaged and is open, free and very relaxed.

Delta is the lowest brain wave with the slowest frequency. A deep, dreamless sleep is often associated with delta waves. This is the state our brains are in prior to going into REM sleep when we experience active dreaming.

Most people in today’s world spend far more time producing beta waves than alpha or theta waves which are synonymous with relaxation. In fact, many people have a really hard time relaxing because of stress. Many techniques are used to produce calming alpha waves. Meditation, yoga, chanting and calming music are commonly used to reduce stress.

Many of the world’s cultures and religions discovered early on, before EEG’s, the methods to use to achieve the alpa-theta states as they understood their therapeutic value. There are many types of spas today with an increasing focus on relaxation and stress reduction techniques. New York reflexology combined with New York nap is a combination of detoxification and relaxation sorely needed by New Yorkers. Many different techniques are used for Alpha Theta stress relief by spas and these services are becoming very popular and accepted by a broad range of clientele.

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