Obesity in our country is a problem that many people have to face. The size of the problem attracted many companies that introduced drugs and supplements that burn excess weight. A lot of people tend to buy them without knowing how they work and whether they have any side effects.

People only look at the amount of weight the product can melt down, and they forget to check other things. Those things include ingredients and side effects. If you want to shed excess pounds, then your focus should be on those things because that is the only way to avoid uncomfortable side effects that some chemical compounds cause.

Chemically created ingredients and their side effects

Orlistat is a good example of a dietary supplement ingredient that causes heath complications, and it is still widely used in this industry. Its benefits in weight loss process include reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure and it has been advertised to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

All of this sounds perfect before you hear side effects that this compound causes. People that use diet pills that contain orlistat may experience mild side effects in the form of inability to control bowel movement, anxiety and headache.  Serious side effects of this compound include vomiting, stomach pains, and difficulty breathing.

The main ingredient in the majority of diet pills is the sibutramine, and it’s advertised as a compound that burns and prevents the formation of the fat. It has several sides –effects (a runny nose, back pain, and constipation) as well as some well-known complication that includes unusual bleeding, confusion, seizures, fainting, and others.  Doctors can’t forbid the use of this ingredient, but they do advise against the usage of diet pills that contain it.

The last compound on this list is the phentermine, an ingredient commonly used in diet pills due to its ability to melt fat. It’s a highly addictive compound, and it may cause diarrhea, constipation and dry mouth. Severe conditions that it may cause include tremors, ankle swelling, heart palpitations and dizziness.

Nature holds all answers

Nature has a cure for everything, and excessive weight is covered as well. If you want to lose weight without any side-effects, then buy dietary supplements, a dietary supplement based on natural ingredients. All of the components of this supplement are natural, and none of them will cause heath complications, so it’s safe to consume it.