A lot of people get drowsy in the afternoon about 8 hours after they get up. It seems to be a natural thing regardless of whether a big lunch was eaten. A big lunch can certainly contribute to the level of drowsiness a person experiences which is why a lot of people avoid it. A power nap is a great solution for afternoon drowsiness. Unfortunately, there is little acceptance for power naps in the traditional corporate world. Some progressive companies, predominantly in the high tech field, do have napping rooms for their employees. Twenty to forty minute power naps can revitalize the body and mind.

The length of the nap is important. Some experts recommend 30 minutes because there are different stages of sleep and sleeping longer will get you into a different stage of sleep.

There are five distinct stages of sleep identified by scientists: falling asleep, light sleep, two stages of deep sleep which are related and REM (rapid eye movement) which happens while dreaming. EEG scans identify the stages of sleep.

It is best to stay in the first two stages of sleep while power napping. Stage 1 lasts 5 to 10 minutes. You are drifting off, your muscles relax and your breathing slows down and becomes deeper. Stage 2 lasts 10 to 30 minutes in which the sleeper is falling deeper into sleep.

In Stages 3 and 4 you are in a deep sleep and all your muscles are paralyzed. Some people advise avoiding going into stage 3 or 4 while power napping as it is much harder to wake up from these stages. However, a one hour nap is much more restorative as deep sleep is when the body rejuvenates itself. The length of the sleep cycles vary per person and each person can learn what length of time works best for them.

The final stage of sleep is REM in which we stay paralyzed but our brains act like they are awake. This is the deep sleep where we dream and our eyes are active, moving around under our eyelids.

Power napping can make you more alert, reduces stress and improves your mental functioning and reaction time leading to more productivity and efficiency at work. It also leads to better health overall, though it won’t help as much as the product in this Chocolate Slim Recensione in terms of weight. Nap centers are opening up in major cities offering sleep pods where patrons can go for a quick nap to get rejuvenated. In the city that never sleeps a New York nap can offer a needed respite from the fast paced lifestyle.

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