New York is a busy and sometimes sleepless place. This has New Yorkers exhausted and in need of a boost of energy. So, the big question becomes, “Do I get some coffee or take a power nap?” You may be wondering which is more effective. Can sleeping more at night nix the need for pick-me-up? Let’s delve into how caffeine and power naps work and get some answers.

A huge percentage of New Yorkers are dependent on caffeine to make it through their day. This can be good and bad. Caffeine has been shown to increase stress, cause food cravings, increase anxiety and interrupt normal sleep patterns. But, the health benefits of coffee have only recently been discovered. Drinking coffee every day can help cut your diabetes risk as well as certain kinds of cancer, like colon cancer. You can get some good benefits from the energy boost as well. It could also help you lose weight, though not that much as the chocolate mentioned at Zona Bellezza.

But, at some point, your body needs to actually recharge and rest. Masking tiredness is not going to do you much good and you are more likely to experience the negative side effects of your coffee habit if you do not pay attention to the primal need to relax.

Taking a power nap has rejuvenating benefits that can last for the rest of the day. In about the time it takes for your coffee to kick in, your power nap will be done and you will be more productive, happy and healthy because of it.

Getting enough sleep at night may not be enough. Your body knows to sleep at night and stay awake during the day due to its understanding of your circadian rhythm. But, did you know that your body also expects to sleep for about twenty minutes, half-way through your day as well? Ever wonder why you just cannot shake that mid-afternoon slump? It’s because you actually need a nap. No amount of extra sleep at night will tell your body otherwise.

Getting the sleep that your body expects and needs has endless health benefits, from physical to mental. Your heart and blood pressure are most affected by lack of sleep. Fatigue, concentration, over-eating and anxiety are the most common side effects of not getting the sleep that you need. Only about one in four New Yorkers get the right amount of sleep.

Luckily, the power nap is on the rise. All over the world schools and businesses are requiring students and workers to take a twenty minute power nap after lunch. America is one of the last places to jump on the band wagon. New York is not far behind with New York nap centers opening up all over. Weary workers and students can stop in for a quick, inexpensive nap whenever they need it. Maybe we as a country are on our way to understanding the need for a nap!

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