The YeloNap is our proprietary version of the power nap. It may be experienced on its own for rest and rejuvenation or combined with a Yelo Reflexology or massage treatment to balance, heal and energize your body and mind. Emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to go.

Your session takes place in a cocoon-like treatment room called the YeloCab where you can completely customize your aromatherapy, sound and lighting.   Lay back in the zero-gravity experience YeloChair where your knees are lifted above your chest allowing your heart rate to slow down. This helps to induce a deep state of relaxation.

Why power naps work

YeloNaps are available in five-minute increments from 20-40 minutes, priced from $17-$30.

20-minute nap           $17
25-minute nap           $20
30-minute nap           $24
35-minute nap           $27
40-minute nap           $30

Nap + Treatments Menu

This is the best of both of our worlds. Because you asked for it, we combined a totally relaxing massage with a rejuvenating and dreamy 20-minute nap. The massage will lead your body to let go while the Yelo Nap will bring your mind to a higher level.

Nap Plus

30 min.


10 minutes of neck and head or foot massage followed by 20 minutes of YeloNap. This 30-minute treatment is our improved version of the powernap. Feel our relaxing touch before falling into blissful sleep.

Rescue Napnew

25 min.


Let us provide you party relief with this 25-minute powernap session which includes an icy cool revitalizing eye treatment to freshen even the most spirit induced face. We throw in a dose of homeopathy to help you on the inside as well.

Jetlag Napnew

30 min.


For the Jetsetter, VIP or Corporate Warrior – we can help you beat jet lag and travel symptoms to the curb in a NY Minute! First we adjust your inner clock through acupressure massage on your ears and neck, then our YeloNap puts you back in the time zone you belong. Finish up with a dose of jetlag busting Travelease Homeopathy to bring you back to, well, now!

Anti-Aging Napnew

30 min.


Obliterate wrinkles and turn back the clock physically and mentally with this age-defying session.  First, a Zen Facial Massage will help to increase oxygen and blood flow to the face leaving you toned and tightened. Then snooze away for a 20-minute beauty nap in our zero-gravity YeloChair.  During the nap, our “Eye’s Tea” herbal tea bags will rejuvenate and heal delicate skin around the eyes. A powerful detox beverage on your way out completes this time warp treatment.

Disco Napnew

30 min.


A stone’s throw from Studio 54 – we couldn’t help Andy Warhol last longer but we got your back! This session features 10 minutes of late night Yelo Massage on the feet or head combined with a custom blend of energy boosting essential oils. Recharge your batteries with our 20-minute YeloNap. Finish the session with a custom blended “Energy Boosting” beverage from Pure Inventions and dance your way to the top!

Facelift Napnew

35 min.


Whether heading to a red carpet event or late meeting – this anti-gravity nap is the secret to looking fresher than the competition! First receive a Mini-Micro current facelift to reduce age lines and puffiness while lifting those tired areas. Then let it all sink in as you snooze away in our zero-gravity YeloChair. Enjoy a custom blended Anti-Oxidant drink on your way out – look and feel like a star.


40 min.


20 minutes of neck and head or foot massage followed by 20 minutes of YeloNap. This 40-minute treat is the best of both worlds and our best value! Don’t you wish they did this at your kindergarten?

YeloSpa offers its renown Manhattan spa nap experience – supremely comfortable power naps in a soothing spa atmosphere. Combine a massage therapy session with a power nap for an unbeatable NYC day spa experience. A New York City nap will leave you energized and ready to hit the streets. YeloSpa’s custom nap pods offer luxurious and restful NYC spa power naps that will have you fully fresh. We offer NYC spa package deals that include a nap and massage or a nap and reflexology treatment – the best full spa relaxation experience in the city!

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