Yelo Spa is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the AlphaLounger in the United States.  The AlphaLounger is on display in our reception area and a sample experience is available at no charge.

AlphaLounger: Relaxation and Stimulation at the Same Time

In an AlphaLounger session, you can:

  • reduce stress
  • recharge your batteries
  • enhance creativity
  • widen perception
  • decrease tension and anxiety
  • lower blood pressure

These results have been proven in psychological and physiological studies. You can find a detailed study as well as scientific evidence for the Alpha effect in:  AlphaLounger Effect

What is the AlphaLounger?

A Full-Sensory Experience …

The AlphaLounger is a three-dimensional experience consisting of sound, light and movement that connects a unique quality of deep relaxation with an inspiring and energizing effect.

… enhancing your perception:

In this holistic sphere your body will be engulfed in uniquely created sound compositions which also reverberate throughout the entire body.  This customized auditory experience is combined with a deep monochrome shade of blue, soft warmth and a light rocking motion.

The AlphaLounger Activates and Unites the Senses

Different perception levels merge into one experience in which our senses are a tangible unit.

  • Color – the magical blue radiance provides a sense of serenity
  • Shape – the wing shaped lounger embraces and uplifts
  • Sound – you are engulfed in three-dimensional clouds of sound to help open your perception
  • Light – a glorious sensorial cocoon envelops you
  • Warmth – the lounger’s warm surface pampers the body
  • Vibration – soft vibrations caress your entire body
  • Breathing – your body swings to the gentle rhythm of your breathing
The alphalounger at YeloSpa offers a fantastic supplement to the rejuvenating spa treatments like facials, massage and luxury skin care. YeloSpa is the exclusive provider of the AlphaLounger in the United States. The relaxing AlphaLounger offers a therapeutic experience that consists of sound, light and movement. A deep state of relaxation is the result of this unique New York spa treatment, which will leave you energized to take on your day! A holistic spa experience in New York, the AlphaLounger will leave your whole body and mind feeling fantastic. Light motion, customizable sound effects and relaxing shades of colors will aid you in this relaxing spa journey to total relaxation in the heart of Midtown Manhattan!

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