Nicolas Ronco - YeloSpa Founder and CEO

Bold Color, Small Space: Yelo Spa > presented by Dwell > directed by Gary Nadeau from gary nadeau on Vimeo.

Nicolas Ronco is the Founder and CEO of Yelo. His experience in the business and corporate world led him to consider the unmet needs of urbanites and corporate warriors in major urban centers. During multiple business trips to Asia, Nicolas noted that long work hours, stress and pressure were better tolerated by those accustomed to taking quick recharging breaks during the day. Yelo was born when Nicolas realized that corporations and their employees in the West, as well as exhausted urbanites, would benefit from being able to renew their energy during the day, allowing them to return their life or work truly balanced and more productive.

Nicolas decided to combine his business and marketing acumen with a lifelong passion for healthy living by creating a network of unique wellness inspired spas specifically aimed at providing relevant and effective treatments and services.

Yelo Spa is the culmination of Nicolas’ extensive travels in his quest to learn how different cultures fight stress, fatigue and exhaustion. He experienced reflexology and sleep therapy in Japan and performed volunteer work at an ashram in India, where he realized the importance of quiet centeredness and pervasive calm. This diversity of influences inspired the creation of Yelo Spa.

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