All About Safecoin

All About Safecoin

What is Safecoin?

It is the gateway to the mid safe network.  According to its developers, “it is the one currency to rule them all”. It is giving the developers, users, and backers a safe and easy way to get involved in the SAFE network. Safe coins can be traded and about 4.3 billion safecoins can be generated.

It is based on Bitcoin blockchain that uses proof of resource protocol or the evidence of resource algorithm for mining work. Here the miner uses his CPU and regulated the Maidsafe network.

What is Maidsafe?

Safecoins are the 2nd generation e-coins that use innovative technology of new Maidsafe network. The coin serves as a gateway to the peer-to-peer decentralized Maidsafe network. Here the data from the internet is encrypted or shredded and then distributed through the servers around the world. The data generated after this are safe, secure, decentralized and resistant to deletion or removal.

Maidsafe is an open source network based on Bitcoin accomplishments. That is aimed at creating a system that will prevent identity theft and other fraudulent activities. The platform uses voluntary contract between self-authentication of the user and the network, eliminating interaction with another human, password transmission, and third-party involvement.

Exchange presence

Safecoins cannot be exchanged on any typical exchange, but it has to be essentially a decentralized platform with no third party involvement.

Technical advancement

The strongest aspect of Safecoin is the technology working behind it and this is one of the reasons why the coin is gaining its popularity.  With the brand new algorithm in use, the miners can mine in a secure Maidsafe network. Maidsafe network is a brand new internet platform that promises to transfer data anonymously.


Presently Safecoin is known to less number of investors but it is slowly gaining its popularity. It thrives as a gateway to the Maidsafe network because of the strong support of Maidsafe technology this coin will never die or become obsolete in the digital currency world. It is solely the next step to Bitcoin, the coin has many similarities with Bitcoin plus advanced decentralized platform is obviously a plus to it. Safecoin may not become as much popular as Bitcoin or may not achieve the price high as bitcoin but one thing it has shown us is the blockchain technology that is used behind Bitcoin has virtually no limits. Click Crypto CFD Trader is a trading software for more information.