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Here are some customer testimonials from around the web about Yelo:

YELP – 5 Stars

I used to go to Yelo for massages before I moved to the West Coast because the therapists there were great and the massage chairs and the rooms are super-relaxing. Â Recently moved back to NYC after several years and couldn’t wait to go back again. Â Yelo is still top-notch and professional. Â I had a service issue, which they immediately rectified, and they’ve definitely earned my loyalty. Â Got a reflexology massage with Heather, who is fantastic. Â She’s so sweet and friendly, and the work she did on my feet were magic. – Caroline K., NY, NY.

Yelo is known for its naps and massages but here’s a somewhat well-kept secret — fairly recently, they started offering absolutely amazing facials!  I’ve just returned from my second Yelo Signature Glow Facial with the outstanding Nadiya.  She’s a lovely person and talented professional, who takes time to both customize the facial to individual skin type and give helpful skincare/maintenance tips.  I’ve had a lot of facials in my day and have never been so pleased.  I’m getting married later this year and I know Nadiya and the Yelo team will have me at my glowing best. Elizabeth A., NY, NY.

“I’m a much happier person than everyone else in my office… could it be the naps? The fact that once a week I curl up in a comfy reclining chair mid-day listening to white noise (my choice, there are other options) covered in a cashmere blanket, feet elevated above heart level for a deeper slumber until the sun simulation lulls me out of dreamland and back on the corporate path? No doubt lack of sleep makes for cranky business professionals.” – Gina C., Brooklyn, NY.

“Yelo is a little piece of heaven in the big city. My pal Rose (check her review!) and I spent the day traveling from the bottom of Brooklyn, footing all over Manhattan, paying tribute at the World Trade Center and doing some serious shopping. As we sat for a moment to let our barking dogs rest, we say, “God a nap sounds really good right about now”. I remember reading an article somewhere about a place in the New York where you can take a power nap. A quick google search later and we’re on our way to Yelo.” -Â Stephanie C., Los Angeles, CA

CitySearch – 5 Stars

Yelo Spa is the best spa ever. The staff is so kind and I have brought so many people to this spa that I feel like they are family. This spa is wonderful in every way. The service is excellent and worth every penny. They even do great waxing.

The minute you step in you feel calm and relaxed. The whole experience is great and everyone I have brought to this spa loves it and always goes back again. Go and get pampered and refreshed! Mimi87, NY, NY.

“The moment you walk in…. you are already relaxed 100x more than you were 3 seconds before that. The deails are superb and the staff including the owner are down to earth, kind hearted people, and very accomodating. I loved the unique experience at Yelo and the cabins specificially desgined with so much intention, inspiration, and love. The tea offerred is also great and they offer some great productss!” – CosmicC

“I am a ballroom dancer and walk all over this crazy city. I read an article about Yelo in NY Magazine and thought, “I have to try this!” I went today and it was absolutely fabulous! I had a 60 minute session and a 1/2 hour nap! The therapist was so knowledgeable and friendly! I felt like I was floating while reclined in the anti-gravity chair…it was surreal. I left feeling relaxed, soothed, and reenergized! I am hooked! Thank you Yelo!” – layla26


“Massage + Nap WONDERFUL. For those who don’t get the concept it is most unfortunate. After the amazing 30 minute massage you get 30 minutes of sleep. The body is so restored and rested. I loved the reflexology and foot massage. Z-z-z-z-z.” – Nancy

“I did this groupon with three friends and we absolutely loved it! The sp is beautiful and the staff were extremely relaxed and courteous. We had some lovely tea before our session and after working in a very busy fifth avenue retail store the calm and quiet of the salon was a delight. The neck massage I chose was very well done and the nap was amazing. I never thought 30 minutes could be so revitalizing! The chairs are ridiculously comfy and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I will definitely visit again and have recommended it to others.” – Toni

“I used my groupon today and have to say what a truly amazing experience! I live in Hell’s Kitchen and have passed Yelo on numerous occassions, but never went in thinking why on earth would I pay to nap when I live 4 blocks away – what a mistake. The spa was calming, clean and staff extremely courteous. The 30 minute neck and back massage was one of the best and addressed my kinks and pains (thanks Joe) and the relaxation nap room was amazing. I was thinking if airplane seating was like this, I would never stay home :P Fell asleep and woke up relaxed. Easily recommend Yelo to all my friends and will be back soon! Thanks Groupon for scoring a great deal at a wonderful place.” – Mike

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